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Reconstructed from the notebook [3] of a paleontologist known to associate with or be E. Cope. Several pages folded or burned, some petrified, others fresh with finger heat:

“Pulled jaw back, cut through cheek with regulation blade

grin is big canoe.

Inside out spoon star: perpendicular to organs, breath. Kissed blade,

then eyes with a sickle. (1)

Attempted RECON but cells forgot to attach.”

And later, in what may or may not be the same entry:

“Vast cooling in the drills. Marsh horses pelted back

wave water out holes in their heads

cut through

bled in sidewalk cracks cooling



bark surgical thumb – in front of your house, a murder, unsound. (2)

The unsound caused me to cough blades and two microchips slipped through. Left corner of mouth tendons cooled and tattooed spoon star to lapel.

Remembered mars, swallowed by sun, the ocean: elbows & neck.

The flag exit

hanging metal rocks with lashing

fingers of my

(ancestor (3))

goat & lamb

our hill

our valley –

the day, gone.”

Should have counted one by


(1) song, (2) song, (3) song, (4) song.

One by one

blood in shoe bones, nails, shoes.

Done with Rabbit’s Toe. (4)




[3]See Index.