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Inscriptions left in circles, upside down:

Figure 2: Plankton Hat. Used by indigenous citizens to build facsimile zombies. Zombies revolted under Nebula rule. The Nebula was planted, and buried.

Outside of Thule, he saw Christine’s2 hair, dug it out from ice, and strung it to the Machine.

Meant for stew or garden. Evidence of Lamarkian evolution. This is why. Hands bigger than metal. Unsound was yet to arrive inside the City.

Stitched in leather
clone spectacles lie everywhere.
Impossible to cough.

The Monster, as he3 remembered: It seems to recognize him. He is a Willow Forest, then Moccasin. Ancient blades – invoked - and the power of the Machine.


.electric between foreheads.





2 See Appendix II: X-1981.
3 See Appendix II: 194 X 194.